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A worthy word of note to those who are held to some static belief about names and things.

You were given “X” name. Say your name is Jim. You wouldn’t respond to someone calling you Jason. We are so very close to the end of time. We are also admonished to put away the foolish things and those things of a child. It is time for all of us to grow upward and hear and recognize truth for what it is and not for what we think it is.

The Word, given by our PERFECT Father Above, is clear. We are to call Him by Name. His Name is NOT god or lord. Do a little research and you will easily find that these words are from pagan origins. Do we not know that we should not profess pagan things?

The 10 Words (10 Commandments) document attached has the Father’s Name in the ancient Hebrew. We encourage you to get over it. Plain and simple, this is the language that the Name was given to the world in. He is not really to be called lord or god. We are to use His Name as we are commanded to in Scripture.

Search this out for yourself. Be a workman approved. Seek His Set Apart Spirit that you would KNOW the truth, that you do not run from it, but towards it and be set free!

Rejoice in the truth and then share it with all you know.

Click on the titles below for a .pdf you can use to study from.

  1. Fear Scriptures (287) TKST
  2. The 10 Words (House of Faith) in English ONLY & Titled