TheKeystoneTreasure is dedicated to THE most important concept in worshiping our Father in Heaven. Sadly, this important concept has been lost over the years. This concept has been buried by nearly every single preacher, pastor, rabbi, priest, and evangelist worldwide and frankly, to their own peril. There are nearly 300 scriptures that detail the benefits of the fear of the Most High.

We believe, teach, and preach that the fear of the Most High is the foundation stone upon which ALL of our walk with Him is built.

We believe that there is NO substitute for the FEAR of the Most High. In fact, we know that it is clean, clear, uplifting, freeing, joy filled, and beneficial to understand, touch, revisit, renew willfully, and meditate daily upon the fear of the Most High.

If you want to supercharge your walk with our Father in the Heavens.

If you want to renew your walk with a true purpose.

If you want to reach a higher level with Him that you serve.

We know that studying the fear of the Most High will get you to that place and keep you on the straight and narrow.